Meet Karmadee Laine

Meet Karmadee Laine also known as “Karme”.

Hi ya'll!  Let me introduce myself, I am Karmadee Cannon but I go by Karme.  I am a Nashville Native and have a huge love for art and puppies!  My creative background began at a young age when I started designing Barbie clothes from scraps of material my grandmother had laying around.  Then in high school  I started altering my clothing and making jewelry.  I always wanted to have something different from the norm.  I started making jewelry in the early 2000's for my friends weddings and after years of making accessories as a hobby I decided to jump in and start my own brand.  I began making bracelets for sports fans like the Nashville Predators, University of Alabama football and the Tennessee Titans. My Nashville Predators stack was worn by Carrie Underwood during the 2017 Stanley Cup Finals (I know AMAZING RIGHT!) and since then Karmadee Laine Designs quickly grew and made a statement in the Nashville area.  

I hope you enjoy all my pieces as much as I do making them and I look forward seeing you rockin' a piece soon!